"Clandestine Potatoes" a film by Cap Grundheber

"Clandestine Potatoes" is a experimental, artistic film on the Irish-Gaelic Language. 1996 it was shown for the first time to the German public during the Irish Literature Festival.

On the basis of sixteen words spoken in Irish-Gaelic combined with its meanings, the film underlines the special power of the Gaelic Language and ist roots in history and culture, which are different from other European languages.

The film transfers the Dialogue "Kiss of Life" of the Irish poet Gabriel Rosenstock and the Berlin writer Jürgen Schneider and combines it with 8mm Film-excerpts of the Aran Islands. Performance, views of the landscape, writing and language unite without getting rid of their originality. With the help of digital picture work a new virtual reality is created in which the words are the principal "actors".

On the visual level the film is coutrory to conventional see-habits and dissolves hierarchy of commercial TV. The dramaturgy of the results from the alternate play of inter-penetrating pictural levels. Motions are stopp or hastened, picture-surfaces are turn open behind which other actions are hidden. It is provakative by ist non-speed. Ist effect is based on a feeling of time.

In spite of the almost tough treatment of the picture-material or perhaps only for this very reason, the film succeeds in creating a highly exciting and sensitive space for a meeting with an unknown region of language.

visual image

on the filmmaker

"Clandestine Potatoes" is the second film of the artist Ingrid Cap Grundheber which deals with the dilatability of conventional appaerceptions. In the preceding video-work "Just curtains" she made experiments with a soundcollage " Transport" as an acustic destruction of the German Democratic Republic.

She studied fine arts in the academys of Maastricht and düsseldorf. Her teachers were the sculptor Prof. Karl Bobek and the Video-artist Prof. Nan June Paik. She made musical experience as a singer of the punkband "the Dead Missionnaries".

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