Interview between Simon D and the filmmaker Cap about her work and the "C. P." Published by WP-Journal, Ireland 1998.

C.G.: Hello Simion! Thanks for the "Chair" this opportunity to speak about my work in WP Journal.

S.D.:Welcome Cap. Is that your nickname?

C.G.: Sometimes yes. My artistname is Cap Grundheber. Cap stands for headgear and whats under it, thats me. There many Caps. To make it clear which one my family name: Grundheber (Groundlifter). My father was a crane operator. Im a visual artist. Im a woman.

S.D.: Tell us about yourself.

C.G.: My eye follows a line. Sometimes an existing one and sometimes a new one commands my attention. Electric out of socket or charcoal: I built the line the way it is for transport. You can see the movement on paper, video, plastic, tape, installation and performance-art.

S.D.:...About yor work...

C.G.: Ill give you an introduction into a variety of works of mine dealing with language: there is this collaboration with the Senegalese poet Abdoulaye Soumaré. In our text/picture exhibitions we developed spatiel models of communication in action. One aspect of this work is Wolof, a language, the mother-tongue of the poet. We call it "Phenomenon in the language".

S.D.:Where did the interest for the Irish language come from?

C.G.: The tip which brought me to Ireland came from my two gay Irish friends Noel and Paco...first contact with some kind of Irish mentality. Concretely, it began with sixteen words in Gaelic and their meanings, which a certain Mr. Rosenstock and his German colleague Mr. Schneider left here during their "Kiss of Life" performance in the " Dialogue field" project, Cologne. For a while they were words without response but with an attitude. Until the end of 1995 when I began their reconstruction. The goal was to build a forum at the digtal video level not only for the words but also for the original event ( "Kiss of Life"). The result was the creation of an experimental art film about the Gaelic language "Clandestine Potatoes". And I think the Irish should have the opportunitiy to see it.

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