Background of the Movie: The project "Dialogfield"

Letter from Artist to Artist

Dear artists,

with the project "Dialogue Field" we wish to ask you, despite all individual and national differences, for common contribution. The central question is: How can people of different nations be protected from being taken in times of upheaval by hollow demagogues and exploitative systems. Let us, in the frame of our artistic message, search for answers in the sense of humanity and respect for the way of others. Let us counteract with our own utopia against the worldwide and corruption of economy, politics, and exploitation.

Art in service of freedom, tolerance, and curiosity – new impulses are being looked for on "Dialogue fields". The breaking up of paralysed structures in almost all countries of the world leads to insecurity and loss of orientation – let us find new ways together. Let us use our only weapon, the creativity, to produce more openness, respect, and tolerance in our societies and in the dialouge with the stranger.

Let us begin with ourselves: "Dialogue Fields" offers the organisational opportunity for two artists from two countries each to develop in a number of exhibitions a common – or contrary concept and to document the results publicly.

In the hope of your interest and looking forward to creative arguments,

yours ..

Cologne, 1994

Two fields were tillage in 1995: "Kiss of Life" by Gabriel Rosenstock (IRE), Jürgen Schneider (D) and " Intertalk" by Abdoulaye Soumaré (S) Cap Grundheber (D) and their special guest Philip Corner (USA).

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